Well Child Care Exams

Taking care of a sick child can be difficult and you may find yourself wishing you could have done something to prevent your child from being sick in the first place. There is a way to help prevent your child from dealing with severe sicknesses before they fully set in. By bringing your child to their pediatrician for well-child care exams, you’re taking steps to ensure that certain illnesses are being caught before they become severe and that your child is protected from whatever may come their way.

Keeping Your Child Healthy 

Dealing with a sick child is never fun. It can be difficult for your child to have to miss out on school and certain activities. You can lessen how much school they miss by keeping your child as healthy as possible! The best way to do this is by taking them to their pediatrician regularly, even when they aren’t sick.

During a well-child care exam, your child will have their vitals measured and our pediatrician will look for any signs that could point to sickness or future complications. You can also voice any concerns that you may have about your child’s overall health. This gives you and your child a safe space to talk about any issues that they might be dealing with.

During a well visit, your child’s pediatrician will also make sure that your child is up to date on all of their immunizations. This can help protect your child from certain illnesses that they might come in contact with. This includes getting a flu shot to protect them as that goes around. This can help your child avoid missing school and keep them feeling as healthy as they can be for longer.

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