1. After hours phone calls to physicians on call: $20.00 charge.
    No charge for after hours phone calls leading to emergency room visits.
  2. School/Camp/Sports participation forms fees (not brought in at time of checkup):
    $25.00 for up to two forms PER PATIENT, and $10.00 for each additional form. Please see details within the link "Patient Forms" above.
  3. Unpaid co-pay at time of visit: $5.00 charge. 
  4. Nurse visits for separating shots (for families choosing not to get all the shots at the time of checkup): $15.00 charge.
    These fees must be paid at the time of the visit..
  5. Missed checkup OR missed virtual visit/televisit without 24 hour advance notice: $50.00 charge. 
  6. Missed sick visit without 3 hour advance notice: $30.00 charge.
  7. Copies of medical records: 1 patient's medical record: $25.00 charge.  2 patient's medical records: $30.00 total charge.  3 or more patient's records: $35.00 total charge.

According to Virginia medical retention regulations, records of children seen after their 12th birthday will be kept for 6 years after the last visit.

The Kidz Docs, (previously known as INOVA Pediatrics at Belle Haven and Wineland Wilmot, and May) will be destroying patient's charts following the Virginia guidelines below:

Records of children over 18 years of age that have not been seen since their 12th birthday will be destroyed.

Records transferred to another practitioner, health care provider, minor patient's parents (or legal guardian), or a patient over the age of 18 years of age will be destroyed.