Sick appointments are available in person daily by appointment (no walk-ins).  All patients and family members 2yrs and above are asked to wear a mask for sick appointments.  Patients calling for a sick appointment will be offered the next available appointment that day.  Please note that our afternoon and evening appointments are prioritized for annual well visits for our school-age children.  Our morning and mid-day appointments are prioritized for our sick patients.  Not all illnesses require care at a medical office - please check the AAP's symptom checker for advice on whether your child's symptoms can be treated at home, or require a check from one of our doctors or NPs.


March 18, 2024: Annual well visits; Camp, school and sports forms

It's hard to believe, but school and camp forms will be due soon!  In order to complete these forms, your child must have had a well visit within the last year.  Please send us a portal message or call to schedule an appointment if your child's annual visit is due soon.  

Many middle and high schools require a school sports form with a visit date after May 1st.  If your child had their annual visit this fall or winter, and plans to play sports this coming year, please call to schedule a sports physical.  Friday, May 3rd is a School Sports Day at The Kidz Docs!  Appointments on this day are reserved for our student athletes who need an annual visit or a sports physical to complete their forms.  Appointments are available on a first come first serve basis. (Sports physicals available on other days as well.)

Our summer schedule is now open.  We encourage parents and patients to call early to schedule a summer well visit as these appointment times are always are in high demand.  

We look forward to seeing you soon!

February 19, 2024: New patients

We love meeting new families!  Please see our New Patients tab to learn more about current new patient openings.  

January 10, 2023: Nirsevimab/Beyfortus (RSV injection), and Influenza and COVID vaccines in stock

We have received 20 doses of the RSV injection for infants who are established patients of The Kidz Docs.  This is available to infants:

- who are under 8 months of age,

- who have not previously received Beyfortus,

- and whose mothers did not receive the RSV vaccine during pregnancy.

These doses are available on a first come first serve basis.  Patients must make an appointment for the injection, and sign a waiver that they will be responsible for the $495 cost if their insurance does not cover it.  The Kidz Docs recommends Beyfortus for all eligible patients.  A nationwide shortage has prevented us from ordering larger amounts earlier.

As of today, we have flu and COVID vaccine for all ages (6mos and up).  For COVID vaccines, we currently have Pfizer in stock for children 12yrs and above, and Moderna for children 6mos-11yrs.  The Kidz Docs recommends flu and COVID vaccines for all eligible patients.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as our hard-working staff and leadership team continue to navigate these supply challenges.   


The Kidz Docs does *not* currently provide any cosmetic/ear piercing services due to our high volume of requests for medical appointments.  If we are able to provide this service in the future, we will update our website at that time.

April 2023: National medicine shortages

In our local area and nationally, there has been a shortage of ADHD medications (Adderall, methylphenidate, etc).

Many times, even if the medication is not available at your preferred pharmacy, it may be available at another pharmacy in the area. This changes day by day - and unfortunately, the only way to find out is to call each pharmacy. At your visit to our office, depending on the medication, you may be told that an alternate medication is being sent in, or be handed a paper prescription as well. If you are unable to locate the medication in our local area, please let us know by portal or phone so we can come up with an alternate plan.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has been advocating to the federal government for help with the shortage of medications for children. To assess the scope of the problem, they have asked families to email the FDA at: [email protected] with their experience. Reporting this problem helps to ensure a comprehensive solution in the coming months.

Compassionate, comprehensive care.

Every child.  Every family.  Every time.