Sport Physicals

Sport Physicals in Alexandria, VA

If your child is beginning to show an interest in certain sports, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect them during these activities and make sure that there aren’t any underlying conditions that could affect how your child functions. You can also take steps to make sure any risks for injury are minimized and identified. The best way to do all of this is by taking your child to their pediatrician for sports physicals before they engage in any activities.

Getting Your Child a Sports Physical

For many activities, your child won’t be allowed to participate until they have a sports physical done. Sports physicals are a crucial part of taking care of your child and it’s important to take this step to ensure they are healthy enough to participate. If there are any underlying issues, it doesn’t mean that your child can’t still participate. They just may need certain treatments and adjustments may need to be made.

An issue that could affect your child’s ability to perform correctly is asthma. It’s important that asthma is managed and controlled before your child decides to participate in sports. If they want to participate, they need to make sure they have their inhaler, and everyone knows what to do if an asthma attack occurs.

During a sports physical, your child’s pediatrician will examine their entire body to ensure that there’s no high risk for injury. This can help protect your child during their sport and keep them as healthy as possible. It can also help improve their performance by addressing any issues that may typically hold them back.

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