Office infection control policies

For the past three years, our office has worked hard to keep families and staff safe during the COVID-10 pandemic.  At this point, all of our staff and most of our patients and their families are vaccinated against COVID-19.  Our office continues to offer in person and telehealth appointments.

Keeping your family safe

  • It is required for patients, family members, and staff members being seen for a sick appointment (or working with sick patients) to wear a mask.
  • Masking is optional for patients, families, and staff members without respiratory symptoms being seen (or working) on the well side.
  • Each Kidz Docs team member uses appropriate PPE (protective gear) for every patient visit.
  • If you are concerned about the risk of exposure to yourself or your child, please let us know – we will continue to offer the option to go directly from your car to an exam room upon request.  Our staff will mask for any patient/family choosing to mask in our office.
  • Well and sick areas for patients are physically separated.
  • There are additional HEPA air filters in exam rooms and common areas to increase indoor ventilation.
  • The Kidz Docs follows approved medical cleaning procedures after every patient visit.
  • All staff and providers vaccinated for COVID-19 and influenza.