The Importance of Well-Child Care Exams

Does your child visit the pediatrician every year for a well-child visit? No matter what your child's age, annual check-ups from your pediatricians here at The Kidz Docs in Alexandria, VA, are essential to your son or daughter's good health.

How Well-Child Visits Help Your Child Stay Healthy

Illnesses, diseases, or developmental issues aren't always obvious at first. Furthermore, if these problems aren't identified promptly, your child's physical or emotional health may suffer. Well-child visits make it possible to detect hearing or vision impairment, identify a potential growth problem, or diagnose a chronic condition or disease, even if your child is currently displaying no symptoms.

What Happens During a Well-Child Visit?

Well-child visits often include:

  • A Physical Examination: The examination may include checking vital signs by listening to the heart and lungs; evaluating muscle, spine, and joint function; checking reflexes; measuring blood pressure; examining the eyes, ears, and mouth; and assessing major organs by gently pressing on the abdomen.
  • Vision and Hearing Screenings: Without good hearing and vision, it can be difficult to succeed in school, play sports, or even interact with other children. Thanks to vision and hearing screenings, it's possible to identify subtle issues that can interfere with learning and social development.
  • Immunizations: During the visit, your child may receive immunizations and vaccines, if needed. Immunizations help your son or daughter avoid common childhood illnesses that can cause serious complications or even lead to life-long health problems. Immunizations protect your child from measles, mumps, polio, chickenpox, tetanus, hepatitis, whooping cough, Diptheria, and other diseases.
  • Evaluation of Growth and Development: Your child's pediatrician in Alexandria will not only evaluate their height and weight, but also assess their cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral health.
  • Conversations: Discussions about your child's physical and emotional health are also part of well-child visits. Your child's doctor will want to know about any illnesses or injuries experienced during the past year, as well as any signs or symptoms that may concern you and your child. After all, sometimes an issue that may seem minor, such as more frequent trips to the bathroom, can actually be a sign of a health problem.

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