Sport Physicals

The Kidz Docs is happy to do sports physicals for our existing patients at a cost of $60.00.  Sports physicals help make sure that players are in good health before they play, in an effort to avoid injuries and the effects of other potentially harmful medical conditions. Here is the information you need to know before you visit The Kidz Docs for your child's sports physical.

What Should My Child Expect at a Physical in Alexandria, VA?

Your child's sports physical will consist of two main parts. First, the doctor will review your child's medical history and family medical history, and then she will perform a physical examination of your child.

When reviewing the medical history, we will focus on questions regarding injuries in the past year, chest pain or shortness of breath with exercise, and any concerning cardiac family history.

The physical exam is the same exam we perform at standard well checkups, with the addition of a musculoskeletal exam to focus on muscle strength.

What Should I Bring?

Please bring any special forms your school needs for our signature.  The Virginia High School sports participation form can be downloaded from our website under the "Patient Forms" tab.

The Kidz Docs is committed to helping you keep your child healthy--both when your child is sick and when your child is well, and visiting The Kidz Docs for a sports physical is a great way to make sure that your child is healthy enough to play sports and to solve any problems if he or she is not. Call and schedule your child's appointment today!

Do you need to schedule your child's sport physicals?
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