What To Expect During Sport Physicals

You care about your children's health it's why you want them to be physically active, which can help improve not only their physical health but can have many other benefits. To be able to participate in these programs in school and for physical education courses, they will usually require a sports physical. Even if they aren't required by the school, sports physicals from their local Alexandria, VA, pediatricians of The Kidz Docs are essential if you want your children to safely take part in physical activities.

What's Involved

A sports physical involves the typical physical measurements and tests, this includes weight, height, vitals, blood pressure check, and a quick vision screening, your child may be referred to an optometrist if their vision is a concern, the same with other results that may alert for the need of a specialist. The heart, lungs, and stomach are also examined during the visit, along with their musculoskeletal system.

Your child's doctor will also look over their medical history and may ask you questions regarding past hospitalizations or injuries.

Staying Active

The goal of sports physicals isn't to exclude your child from physical activities if there is an ongoing concern. Often, these can be treated and managed to allow your child to become as active as possible. The earlier these potential problems are found the better they can be treated. Take asthma for example, in most cases children can be as active as their peers, they simply need extra monitoring and medication to control their symptoms.

Sports Physicals in Alexandria, VA

For the most part, sports physicals aren't meant to replace your child's annual checkups, but you can discuss with their pediatrician if both can be done at the same time. Both regular physicals and those for sports can be greatly beneficial in helping maintain your child's health and in preventing complications.

To schedule a sports physical in Alexandria, VA, you can make an appointment with The Kidz Docs by dialing (703) 765-6093.