The Importance of Hearing and Vision Examinations

Proper hearing and vision help keep us safe in multitudes of ways. Scheduling annual hearing and vision examinations with the pediatricians at The Kidz Docs is one of the best preventative care things you can do for your kids.

The Benefits of Hearing and Vision Exams

Most of the time, when a child is experiencing hearing or vision issues, depending on their age, they won't say anything or won't know how to say it. In many cases, they won't realize it's happening until people start calling their name louder or find they can't read what is on the teacher's chalkboard anymore. Scheduling these yearly exams with your Alexandria, VA, pediatrician detects childhood hearing and vision issues early so that a plan can be formulated to correct the problems as your child grows. These exams, especially eye exams, point out early warning signs of other illnesses that stand a better chance of responding to treatment when caught early.

What Hearing and Vision Exams Look For

When you work with your Alexandria, VA, pediatricians at The Kidz Docs you'll receive a detailed diagnosis, along with the recommendations you'll need to move forward. Eye exams and hearing exams look for many things, including:

  • How well a child sees both close and far away in light and dark conditions
  • Signs of developing diseases
  • Whether the shape of the corneas are normal or abnormal
  • Whether or not the child will need reading glasses only or a set of bi or trifocal glasses
  • Sound levels that can be heard out of both ears
  • Whether sound can be heard correctly when applied to background noises
  • Whether any other symptoms are happening in the internal ear
  • Learning whether or not the bones that help formulate sound are normal or abnormal

Scheduling a yearly exam for each of these things is often overlooked or dismissed during routine child healthcare. However, it's vital that your Alexandria, VA, pediatricians perform these exams to help prevent unnecessary vision and hearing issues. Reach out to the experienced pediatricians at The Kidz Docs at (703) 765-6093 to schedule an eye or hearing exam appointment today!