Sports Physicals for Your Child

How a sports physical from your pediatricians in Alexandria, Virginia can protect your child.

Do you know why a sports physical is important for your child? A sports physical can help determine if your child is ready to play a sport. If your child has an underlying medical condition like asthma, a sports physical might be the first time the condition becomes apparent. The fact is, a sports physical can protect your child from injuries or illness.

The pediatricians at The Kidz Docs in Alexandria, Virginia offer a wide range of healthcare services for children, including sports physicals to help your child stay healthy.

A sports physical isn’t just important. It’s also required if your child plays a sport. It’s a preventive measure to help identify problems such as breathing issues, heart rate issues, and other conditions that can impact your child’s ability to play a sport.

During activity, your child’s body will be subjected to stresses of all kinds. Breathing and heart rate are increased, and stress to ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles is also pushed to the limit. A sports physical can help identify how your child might respond to these stresses.

At the sports physical appointment, your pediatrician will record a full medical history including any allergies, medications, recent illnesses, or hospitalizations. It’s important for you to discuss your family’s medical history with the pediatrician too. In this way, your pediatrician may be able to identify potential medical issues before they happen.

Next, your pediatrician will perform a complete physical examination including measuring vital signs of heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, reflexes, muscle tone, and balance. Height and weight will be recorded, and hearing and vision may be checked too.

Your child’s sports physical appointment is also an excellent time for you to ask any questions about your child’s overall health. It’s also a great time to make sure your child is current with immunizations.

You want your child to be active, because activity promotes great health. You also want your child to be safe, and a sports physical helps protect your child. To find out more about sports physicals for your child, talk with an expert on children’s health, your pediatrician! Call the pediatricians of The Kidz Docs in Alexandria, Virginia at (703) 765-6093. Call today.